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Hosting an event, big or small, can easily become the talk of the town, and at Topps Elite Tent Rentals in Onalaska, WI, we can help you make sure all of that talk is positive. It’s important to us that your event will be a huge success, because your success means ours as well. Our staff members are committed to always ensuring you have every supply and piece of equipment you need to give your guests a night to remember. 

Something as simple as a tent can make all the difference in the atmosphere of a gathering, no matter the size. Imagine you’ve planned a family reunion outdoors, and all of a sudden the weather takes a turn for the worst. With one of our tents, your family can make a quick escape and the backyard barbecue will be dry and stable, rather than scattered around the lawn. Maybe you’ve planned a wedding or party outside and the clouds covering the hot summer sun suddenly scatter. Your entire guest list could be subjected to discomfort or even sunburn, but a tent rental could save the day.

If you're considering renting a tent or other supplies for your event but you aren’t quite sure just yet, give us a call today and let us show you how we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Large tent rental provided by Topps Elite Tent Rentals


Our company knows that events run on budgets, and we’re sure yours is no different. We offer a large variety of options to ensure that you are able to find the perfect fit for your wallet.


When you plan an event, chances are you already have a lot on your plate and don’t have time to worry about picking up supplies and setting up. We bring everything to you and set it up, just tell us what you need!


We understand how important it is to be able to count on a business when you choose their services. Our team is always arrives early to ensure you have everything you need before you even have time to worry.

Our Tent Rental Services

As you plan your next big event, you are likely searching for the supplies and equipment you will need to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. Topps Elite Tent Rentals in Onalaska, WI, should be your first stop for all of your event planning needs. Whether you are planning a large wedding or a small get together, we can provide you with everything you require and more. 

If you are planning a large outing for your office, our team has experience in commercial events. Let us bring the tables, tents, seating, and glassware, and you just bring the crowd. Even a large backyard party is no problem for us! When you rent with us, we can set up a dance floor, a stage for performers or hosts, professional lighting, and everything in between. We can provide you with catering equipment to make serving your guests easier and to keep the food fresh and hot. 

From graduation parties and birthdays to weddings and corporate events, we have all of your necessities in one convenient place. We can make your event the highlight of La Crosse County, so give us a call today to talk to a friendly staff member about how we can help you. 

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